Alternative Therapy

Alternative therapies have endured centuries of thought, practice and success in engaging the senses and achieving balance and harmony of body, mind, and spirit. We offer several alternative therapies involving an understanding of the energy flow throughout the body. Untap your own healing energies to rekindle and energize your spirit and experience the next level of relaxation.

Detoxify your entire body by pulling toxins out through the pores of your feet. Significantly reduce the amount of toxins in your system by activating cells, improving metabolism and detoxing the organs; to assist the body in restoring health, enhancing immunity and eradicating pathogens. A balanced system increases our mind-body-spirit connection. (Contraindicated for pregnancy, Pacemakers, implanted organs, steel plates/joints, epilepsy or open wounds on feet.)

Reiki opens up the space for healing within each of us. Relax while releasing stress, pain, and energy blockages that can lead to a state of imbalance in our natural energy patterns. Experience this gentle, yet powerful technique with our Certified Reiki Professional.

Throughout this massage, warmed pieces of natural bamboo rollers are used. Long fluid strokes and varying levels of pressure stretch and compress the muscles and tissues to loosen tension. A serious deep-tissue bodywork for overworked and injured muscles.

Derived from the master healers of Hawaii this massage incorporates fluid, rhythmic motion using the forearms, as well as, the hands. Underbody and full body strokes feel like gentle waves moving over the body allowing different parts of the body to be massaged at the same time. Due to the nature of free flowing movements, draping is proper but minimal to allow complete access to the entire body.

This therapy uses herbs containing anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, anti-parasitic and anti-inflammatory qualities wrapped in muslin. The herbs are steamed and applied to the body’s acupressure points, joints and muscles. Flowing strokes of Ayurvedic massage are incorporated utilizing hot oils. The medicinal properties of the compress are absorbed by the body to improve circulation, soothe tension and soreness, and improve breathing.

After a personal consultation with your Licensed Massage Therapist, a plan to meet your individual needs will be developed utilizing the best combination of techniques to help restore balance and harmony to your mind, body and spirit. Recommended for Asthma, Intestinal Problems, Fatigue, and Overall Body Detoxification.

Address whole body needs and create overall systemic health benefits with Pure Therapeutic Grade® essential oils. Simple hand techniques with the power of essential oils address stress, immunity, inflammatory response, and autonomic imbalance. These negative disturbances cause an imbalance, even when they do not directly result in disease, they can cause our bodies to function at a sub-optimal level. Restore the natural balance of body systems and health.

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