Massage Therapy

Experience the power of touch and the numerous benefits massage therapy provides for health, fitness and general wellbeing. Our staff of professionals has a genuine desire to take good care of our guests and address the special needs of each individual. Whether you enjoy the peace and tranquility of a relaxing massage or the healthy benefits of a therapeutic massage they have the right healing touch.

These services help to improve the body’s circulation, increase blood and lymph flow, stimulate the nervous system and affect internal organs, as well as, all of the muscle groups.

massage therapy

Using swedish/deep tissue strokes, essential oils are massaged into the skin allowing the oil to penetrate and provide therapeutic benefits. Essential oil blends, bring forth the healing energy to balance, harmonize and promote health of body, mind and spirit.

Using penetrating heat of basalt stones to increase circulation and improve joint motion. The stones are purposefully placed on the body and are used to massage away tension.

Our licensed massage therapists understand the special needs required at different stages of your pregnancy. Extra cushioning and support is provided during this service. Helps relieve low back pain, swelling and fatigue associated with pregnancy. Must be outside first trimester. High risk pregnancies and pregnancies with underlying medical conditions require pre-approval from doctor.

A full body massage customized to meet your specific needs. Choose all Swedish strokes which combines superficial and gentle strokes to induce relaxation and relieve pain. For chronic pain incorporate some deep tissue work that will focus on the deepest layers of muscle tissue, tendons and fascia to improve range of motion.

Ideal for those suffering from chronic muscle aches and pains.  Release chronic muscle tension, break up and eliminate scar tissue, as well as, increase flexibility. This massage utilizes slower strokes with more direct deep pressure or friction applied across the grain of the muscles. Soft tissues and corresponding pain patterns are also worked on.

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